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Симонов, Е. А. Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader / Е. А. Симонов, T. D. Dahmer. — Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader, Весь срок охраны авторского права. — Электрон. дан. (1 файл). — Москва: Всемирный фонд дикой природы (WWF), 2008 — 440 с. — Весь срок охраны авторского права. — Книга находится в премиум-версии ЭБС IPR BOOKS. — Текст. — электронный. — <URL:http://www.iprbookshop.ru/13527.html>.

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Subject: Amur-Heilong River Basin; soil; Water Pollution; загрязнение воды; водная инфраструктура

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Our goal in this Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader is to present a compelling case for launching prompt and effective action backed by appropriate technology and adequate funding to restore the natural wealth of this globally important but largely unknown natural treasure. We hope that administrators, managers, researchers, politicians, planners, conservationists, and business interests will find this Reader useful in defining their role in this process. Most importantly, we hope the Reader will accelerate the spread of global awareness of this magnificent region and contribute to the restoration and long-term protection of its many unique features.

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