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Zabiyako, A. P. Reindeer Trail: History and Culture of the Amur Evenks / A. P. Zabiyako, A. A. Zabiyako, E. A. Zavadskaya; под редакцией A. P. Zabiyako; перевод E. A. Zavadskaya; : S. V. Androsova, E. A. Gross. — Reindeer Trail: History and Culture of the Amur Evenks, 2026-02-04. — Электрон. дан. (1 файл). — Blagoveschensk: Amur State University Publishing, 2017 — 276 с. — Лицензия до 04.02.2026. — Книга находится в премиум-версии ЭБС IPR BOOKS. — Текст. — электронный. — <URL:http://www.iprbookshop.ru/103837.html>.

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Subject: Приамурье; коренной народ; эвенки; история; культура; кочевая жизнь; мировоззрение; обряд; шаманизм

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This study is concerned with the history and modern conditions of Evenks in the Amur region, Russia. It is mainly based on field research, conducted by the authors for over a decade, and depicts the lifestyle, worldview, and traditions of the modern Amur Evenks. It is also contains personal archives, tables and illustrations. The book is intended not only for specialists in ethnography and cultural anthropology, but also for a wider audience.

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